Do I get a warrenty?

Yes. Each product has a warrenty of 1 year but it only applies to hardware and software malfunctions.

How do I get free shipping if I am buying online from overseas?

Follow us on our social media accounts to see occasional promotions!

My battery does not last as long as advertised, is there a problem?

It depends on how you utilize your device, however if battery life is 5 or more hours lower than advertised, please bring it to one of our service centers here.

My device is unable to connect to the network, what do I do?

Run network troubleshoot on the VEXZSettings app in your device but if it still does not work, contact us

It has been a few weeks since my order yet I haven't received it, how can I check my shipping?

Please send us an email with with the information in your e-receipt and we will investigate for you.